"Using just three materials—paper, ink and a calligraphy pen—Lilian is able to develop the full potential of each, and to mine the depth of her mark-making through them. Without the noise of superfluity, her drawings shine with an intrinsic authenticity, and it is precisely because of their reduced simplicity that every element of her work is so fully present" - Veronica Scarpati, Setting Boundaries to Create Freedom, Artoronto 

Drawing in its own right can be considered as being in a state of in-between; traditionally, it serves as a study or sketch of something more to come. The content of my work also stands at a threshold. The thread-like forms are enigmatic, anthropomorphic and organic. They cannot be logically comprehended, but they flicker with a sense of familiarity, evoking impressions of humans, animals, and forms from nature. They have a simultaneous sense of gravity and weightlessness, and with the large-scale work, they are both monumental and quiet.